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The Medusa's Gaze

In what ways is mythology relevant to contemporary art practice? How can it be useful in exploring contemporary identity?

The goal of this project is to explore the role of mythology in fine art by studying the story of Medusa and implementing it into my art practice. Through a creative practice methodology, I have used the process of figurative painting to enable me to understand the practice of artists from history and to explore and extend interpretations of Medusa’s story and its contemporary relevance.

The story of Medusa is one that had remained relevant over millennia as its complex themes and visual language intrigue people.

The agency and subjectivity of the artist are prevalent in painting, making it a very personal method of exploration while studying a subject. That artist subjectivity is useful when exploring themes prevalent in the Medusa myth that are very important to me as a female artist, such as sexual violence, vulnerability and femininity.

My practice as research is accompanied by analysis of art, texts and the history thereof in order to better understand the context for my work. The project has resulted in a series of paintings and drawings which explore the role of mythology, Medusa and contemporary gender identity in fine art.

Medusa as Self-Portrait and Her Gaze

The Medusa At Rest

The Rape at Sea and Medusa Emerges

The Birth of Pegasus